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Total equipment operation status management

Through ELFiNOS, the operation status of
the entire equipment can be managed at all times.

Status Management by Equipment

ELFiNOS enables the constant management of
individual equipment operation.

Custom reports

ELFiNOS provides customized reports
according to the purpose of use.

ELFiNOS is a highly open platform

ELFiNOS has already completed technical coordination with Doosan Machine Tools and global top-tier NC suppliers such as FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI and HEIDENHAIN, and can handle machine tools covering more than 90% of the market.
Based on this, we have completed an open platform that can be applied to all industrial machines.

ELFiNOS delivers all the necessary information from the equipment to the operator and analyzes and processes them as necessary to help maintain optimal process conditions.